Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dream woman

ehem3!!!! about draem woman??? exactly yes... erm my dream woman must:
1) a beautiful girl
2) age either not too old than me or young
3) not very talkactive person
4) she know how to respect older person and my self
5) understanding
6) lovely and kindhearted

and very important, i love her and she also love me.....


  1. tel u..ehem2..
    i'll tink 1st..haha..
    erk y u dun like sum1 who is talkative??

  2. n u'll get boring all
    the time with her..huhu

  3. u r refering 2 sum1 rite..hihi

  4. of coz he refers to someone eiyz...
    do u still don't know that IS already has a ****....hehehe..

    IS...I still remember what u have told me last holiday...

  5. Discussing something guys? It sounds fishy..Hehe..Is, where's your entry on Nabi Muhammad S.A.W?