Friday, February 13, 2009

the best thing that has ever happen in my life

you all want to know what is the best thing??????? hahaha... I have six siblings since I secondary school. Last is my younger brother, now twelve years old... A few month ago, my mother said that we all will have a new family member. I shock heared about that, same like my sisters and my brother. But we greatful to Allah S.W.T about that. If that is a boy, he must be like me. Well, I'm a hansome boy right? Hehehe, I'm just joking...
In last mid sem break, my moyher had gave birth. My family got a baby boy... he so cute baby. I thought back, was me like this too since I'm a baby? Yes I'm... when I have holiday, I want back home to see my youngest brother and play with him... I have his picture in my phone and if u want to see him, tell me...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what i would like to change about myself

in second semester, the study is become more difficult. I can see while learn the engineering physic. start from now, I want to change a lot about my self. I must wake up earlier in the morning so that my brain will be fresh. this can make my brain can work very well. In class I can concentrate my study. second, I will come to class earlier before the lecturer so that I will pass from punishment. Before this I got two punishments that were wrote a a formal letter about 500 words and my attendant was zero. So, I don't want this happen against. Another change is I want to gain my effort on study so that I can be an excellent student.