Sunday, February 8, 2009

what i would like to change about myself

in second semester, the study is become more difficult. I can see while learn the engineering physic. start from now, I want to change a lot about my self. I must wake up earlier in the morning so that my brain will be fresh. this can make my brain can work very well. In class I can concentrate my study. second, I will come to class earlier before the lecturer so that I will pass from punishment. Before this I got two punishments that were wrote a a formal letter about 500 words and my attendant was zero. So, I don't want this happen against. Another change is I want to gain my effort on study so that I can be an excellent student.


  1. I hope you can change your attitude of coming late to class. I'm sure you do not want to disappoint your lecturers and yourself. Good luck.

  2. gud luck is..hope u can do it well..
    tenz 4 de comment..