Sunday, March 29, 2009

what i'm fell after TEST 2, fuyyoooooooHHH!!!

ehemm3..! On last Sunday night, i had done the reading and writing test for BEL 260.. before that, I had made some revision and also some exercises so that on Sunday night I can answer the test very well. Felt with a little scared, I walked into the hall and sat on the chair. Before the test start, we were warned first so that don not cheat and not to wrong wrote Miss Syaz's name. When the test was started, I tried my best answered the question given. Carefully without thought to other thing, only just concentrated to the test. In essay, i wrote it with the best points I had. So, I thounght it will be perfect. on Monday we had a listening test. It is a quite hart test because we had to pay full attention to heard the radio very well to know the answered. on the next day, was the speaking test. this was a hard test to for me. we need to talk in English very well. with the point given, it was hard for me to separate it. I tried my best to spoke, interrupt my friends and more. besides that, I also enjoy that speaking test because on that time we can speaking to each others.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dream woman

ehem3!!!! about draem woman??? exactly yes... erm my dream woman must:
1) a beautiful girl
2) age either not too old than me or young
3) not very talkactive person
4) she know how to respect older person and my self
5) understanding
6) lovely and kindhearted

and very important, i love her and she also love me.....