Tuesday, January 27, 2009

how do i spend my mid-sem break

every UITM student will have their own semester break. i also have it. In my sem-break, i have many plans to do. Want plays anything that i left before. I helped my father to complete our new house. I painted that house very well so that our look very nice. Besides, I also had cleaned the area of our house to make it in good looking. When I got bord, I went to the beach to see the beautiful of nature. Sometimes, I will go to fishing with my old friend. At night, I will watch the news to know the imformation about the world. I also do my work, that is study. To success I have to do it in my mid-sem break.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My expirience here....

Now i'm in part 2. My expirience for the past semester is my friends and I had to walk far everyday to the classes. We know that is a tired activites but just made it as our daily routine. So, to the girls, have it like us nicely in this semester. Besides, i always happy wiyh my friends here. I love all my lecturers in part 1. They do the best to us. I hope in this semester will be like before and more better.