Saturday, March 13, 2010

aiman zafir+pensil nye= lu pikir la sngri...

aiman sentiasa idup ngn pensil nye... tanpa pensil nye dia x leh wat keje, menglabah je ari2... arap sume da tau kn.. so, y not kte amek pensil dia n sorok jau2... hahhahahahaha...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

mangsa keadaan....

mangsa..... ape2 benda je blh jd mangsa sbb yg poyo bt hal... tp aku steady je la, kang klu over mkin2 mnjadi plak dak2 ni. psl kes aku ngan zila ni, kt luar blog bunyi cm da setle... tp lam blog, OMG.... tp x pe la, 2 jst gosip je. xde pe2 pn... ai, mis pn join c aiman 2 jgk ey bahan2 sy.... aduyai.. kalah bertanding la sy mis...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

happy befday

ari yg pnuh indah tuk org yg menyambut nya.. mcm2 la member2 plan nk kne kn member yg sambut befday tu.... cam sy, da kne ari 2. nsib bek x truk sngat..... blh than la kne skit je... tp yg member sy, aiman, hahahhahaha... x stop dia glak... mmg truk gler ah kne td.. cian dia.. mayb 6ti nk wt celebrate rmai2 befday sy, aiman n jgk zila...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

what i'm fell after TEST 2, fuyyoooooooHHH!!!

ehemm3..! On last Sunday night, i had done the reading and writing test for BEL 260.. before that, I had made some revision and also some exercises so that on Sunday night I can answer the test very well. Felt with a little scared, I walked into the hall and sat on the chair. Before the test start, we were warned first so that don not cheat and not to wrong wrote Miss Syaz's name. When the test was started, I tried my best answered the question given. Carefully without thought to other thing, only just concentrated to the test. In essay, i wrote it with the best points I had. So, I thounght it will be perfect. on Monday we had a listening test. It is a quite hart test because we had to pay full attention to heard the radio very well to know the answered. on the next day, was the speaking test. this was a hard test to for me. we need to talk in English very well. with the point given, it was hard for me to separate it. I tried my best to spoke, interrupt my friends and more. besides that, I also enjoy that speaking test because on that time we can speaking to each others.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dream woman

ehem3!!!! about draem woman??? exactly yes... erm my dream woman must:
1) a beautiful girl
2) age either not too old than me or young
3) not very talkactive person
4) she know how to respect older person and my self
5) understanding
6) lovely and kindhearted

and very important, i love her and she also love me.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

the best thing that has ever happen in my life

you all want to know what is the best thing??????? hahaha... I have six siblings since I secondary school. Last is my younger brother, now twelve years old... A few month ago, my mother said that we all will have a new family member. I shock heared about that, same like my sisters and my brother. But we greatful to Allah S.W.T about that. If that is a boy, he must be like me. Well, I'm a hansome boy right? Hehehe, I'm just joking...
In last mid sem break, my moyher had gave birth. My family got a baby boy... he so cute baby. I thought back, was me like this too since I'm a baby? Yes I'm... when I have holiday, I want back home to see my youngest brother and play with him... I have his picture in my phone and if u want to see him, tell me...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what i would like to change about myself

in second semester, the study is become more difficult. I can see while learn the engineering physic. start from now, I want to change a lot about my self. I must wake up earlier in the morning so that my brain will be fresh. this can make my brain can work very well. In class I can concentrate my study. second, I will come to class earlier before the lecturer so that I will pass from punishment. Before this I got two punishments that were wrote a a formal letter about 500 words and my attendant was zero. So, I don't want this happen against. Another change is I want to gain my effort on study so that I can be an excellent student.